A mother’s perspective

A mother’s perspective

When you hear the word cancer you never fully understand the enormous impact that cancer has on you and those affected by it, or until you have a child who has it. Your world stops. You deny yourself the luxury to accept reality. You go into fix it mode, only focusing on what’s next?  You call out to God like never before. You put on the armor; you call all your villagers and plunge headlong into uncharted territory, and then become numb to the world outside.

You think you have all the time in the world but…you don’t

This past Christmas (2017) came with expectations of what the New Year would bring, 4 days later my 22 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  An extremely rare form of Leukemia which only 4-8% of leukemia patient’s in the world have had: Acute Biphenotypic Leukemia. In simple terminology, she had markers for two blood cancers in one. She had an immature cell that grew into both Myeloid and Lymphoid cancers. Statically the prognosis is not good.

She had begun to have severe headaches and bruising months prior, and the shock of the diagnosis was unfathomable. That Friday morning when she called me and said I cant see and my head hurts worse, (we had no idea of what was about to be laid out before us) we called the eye Doctor and he said to her later that day,  go home and pack a bag, and head to the ER  she was hemorrhaging behind in her left eye and starting to in her right.

Test results showed that her white blood cell count was 9100 thousand (typically a person has between 4,000- 11,000). Her body was, and had been fighting a battle unbeknownst to her for some time. She knew, but could not make anyone understand. By 2:30 she was in transition waiting for a room to be admitted, and waiting for a bone marrow biopsy, along side the love of her life. Seeing what she once knew as normal was about to change.

Elisha began the fight of her life. She fought hard. She tried to be the light and positivity for the rest of us, all while this horrific thing called cancer raged through her body. Lish went through two chemo regiments of heavy doses of drugs. Bone Marrow Biopsies, lumbar puncture, blood patch, platelets plasma, blood transfusions, spinal fluid leakage, and lost her beautiful curly mane of hair yet totally rocked her beautiful bald head. We all took a front row seat watching this child of ours and child of Gods wield a powerful witness of strength and courage as she entered a short lived journey of total self discovery and reaffirmation of faith in 39 days. Her free spirit and tenacity looked this thing called cancer head on and she fought it her way!!

She was determination to fight this thing cancer. We saw God at work, alongside her Dr, nurses, our village of friends and family prayed and helped in what ever way they could. She struggled daily, to gain some sort resemblance of normality and balance in an unbalanced world called cancer.

Elisha journaled, revealing her struggle of the path being laid before her.  Until you walk your own journey alongside of someone walking theirs, you don’t understand when someone says cancer until you watch a love one. Elisha, lived her way thought this cancer.

She is a daughter, a friend, a confidante, a girlfriend, a sister, granddaughter, niece. She was a listener, an encourager. She was Elisha Rae. When she had a chance to dance she danced, she lived. She did it her way. It was her cancer and only she knew how to fight. In her room were tiny little fairy lights cards and lots of beloved turtles, and her own light shown to all who entered. She was our gift on loan from God. She was His all along. We grieve because we loved her, we all have memories to hold close to laugh and cry about, but most of all there is no more pain for our Lish, she is now safe and secure forever.

Cancer had victory over her human body; God had victory over Elisha Rae. We love you forever.