What we do

What we do


Lishy’s Gift is a charitable organization with the purpose of raising the quality of life for young adult (19-30) cancer patients in the Roanoke, VA area.  While the hospital and medical staff are meeting all health and nutritional needs, there remains many comfort needs that are not provided.  Lishy’s Gift is stationed to help supply these needs.

Description of activities:

  1. Inpatient needs: Comfort needs are those aspects of daily life that will increase the quality of life for one whose life has been greatly altered by a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  Comfort need items will be provided, initially, for these patients with the reception of a comfort need box.  Items within this box may include but not be limited to daily hygiene items such as scent free soap, lotions, lip balm, tissues for sensitive skin, shaving lotion, and a soft bristled hair brush.  Gift cards for: a visit from a local hair salon and local restaurants.  Other simple snack food items will be included. Longer term comfort needs for inpatients may include gaming device along with games and or devices with “Netflix” or “Hulu” type programing pre-loaded.
  2. Outpatient: When a person’s treatment moves to that of outpatient there is incurred the extra expense of travel.  Lishy’s Gift will help with the provision of gas cards and or hotel cost assistance.


Lishy’s Gift is funded through fundraising events and charitable donations.